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I provide an important service in trust and authentication in witnessing the execution of personal, legal or commercial documents. I verify the signer and witness their signature for authentication to validate a document, by deterring acts of forgery and fraud. Finally I will affix an official seal onto your document so it is accepted for the receiving party or agency. I am NOT an attorney, therefore I cannot provide legal advice.

*Extremely competitive rates, same day appointments, fast replies. Edmon Muradyan Mobile Notary is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and comes to you. Edmon Muradyan can meet you within 60 minutes of your call so if you're in a crunch, the notarization will be the least of your concerns. Serving surrounding Los Angeles area.


  • Virtual Consultations

  • Real Estate Document Notarization

  • Health Directive Notarization

  • Copy Certification

  • Jurat Notarization

  • Contract Notarization

  • Vehicle Title Transfer Notarization

  • Powers of Attorney Notarization

  • Documents Notarized

  • Living Wills

  • Real Estate Documents

  • Divorce Agreements

  • Loan Document Notarization

  • Acknowledgment Notarization

  • Trust Notarization

  • Mobile Notary Services

  • Affidavit Notarization

  • Business Document Notarization

  • Deed Notarization

  • Loan Documents

  • Legal Documents

  • Medical Documents

  • Traveling Notary

  • Refinancing Document

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