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As a digital record, Livescan adds a layer of protection to fingerprint records that helps to prevent the unauthorized access of fingerprint information. In other words, Livescan provides more security than traditional ink and paper fingerprint records. Additionally, this allows states and other government entities to protect the fingerprint records using both federal and state privacy laws. Further, as digital records, handlers have more control over who gains access to the fingerprints, and have more secure storage options.

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The Use of Fingerprinting


Fingerprinting as a method of identification has been in use for thousands of years. Because no two human fingerprints are exactly alike, fingerprints have also been used to solve criminal cases and identify the dead for the last 100. However, in the 21st century the concept of fingerprinting has evolved far beyond that of previous generations. Now it also signifies advanced methods used for medical or technical identification.

  What is Livescan

Live scan fingerprinting refers to both the technique and the technology used by law enforcement agencies and private facilities to capture fingerprints and palm prints electronically, without the need for the more traditional method of ink and paper. In the United States, most law enforcement agencies use live scan as their primary tool in the recognition of human individuals. Live scan results can be verified and returned to the source within 72 hours of transmission.

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